Monday, November 15, 2010

What to do when you cannot find a job

WARNING! DANGER! WARNING! :-) Creatrix announcing a NEW and IMPROVED blog! You see...I am currently blessed with an abundance of time, now that God has decided to whack me immensely upside my head and scream in my head: "CHANGE!!! I have been telling you for months now that you are destined for larger and much more creative employment endeavors".

A fabulous counselor once informed me: "Do it different." Soooo, with THAT said...that is what I am embarking on...a mission to "Do it (everything) DIFFERENT" ;-)
So, whilst I had imagined that in my last few months in Atlanta I would resume my garden maintenance business and pursue my art, I was sadly disappointed to learn that my efforts were in vain. The economy (I passionately dislike that word) deemed my skills inappropriate at the current time. I cried for several months, ranting at my Higher Power (whom I affectionately refer to as God) asking "WHY?" I still don't have the fluffy answer to that ubiquitous query. You will be the first to know when I do figure out the answer. I read another Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist "Advice at the intersection of work an life suggestions because I typed in a search of what to do when you cannot find a job.

After I terminated my teaching contract back in 2007 to get hired in a larger county I also embarked on a mission to earn my Master of Arts in School Counseling. I earned a 4.00! Never had a 4.00 in my life til then! I am very proud of that accomplishment! Upon graduation no career options yet existed in my field in the metro Atlanta area. I even scoured for English teacher no avail. I often wonder if I didn't look hard enough. But I am not allowed to should on myself, so at this learning juncture in my life I must propel forward. With the shattered economy every one and their cousin was looking to get into teaching. It got to the point where even having connections within the schools didn't even help (at least not me).

I know there is a rainbow, a silver lining, light at the end of this abysmally long tunnel, and that I am warmed by love, encouragement, and support of all my family and friends.

I am also writing a book about my life. Changed names and places, of course.
So with my talent for writing, I have embarked on a new mission blogging about my career, writing, and whatever else I deem necessary. Perhaps it will assist you in figuring out your life mission, perhaps not.

Wishing you much success as you seek your mission in life. It does get better.