Friday, January 28, 2011



"Thank you" in Ethiopian. I often inquire of diverse individuals how to say "thank you" in their native language. I learned amesege'nallo' from a farmers market and also from my drycleaners.

It's amazing how inquiring about another's native language causes them to smile. It demonstrates how much you value them as a human soul important to all. Ask someone of a different culture than yours how to say "Hello," "Thank you" and "Have a great day." Do it for that person so they feel your love.

The Universe affirms us when we step outside our own microcosm to invite diversity into our lives. In the process of writing this, I took a moment to open my mail. I was humbled and privileged to smile because I received a "Welcome to the team" and "Thank you" card from an organization. I was not expecting such a recognition that I wish to serve others. A physical reminder from God that I am valued as we all are.

How do we humans forget that God is always present no matter the condition or circumstances in which we find ourselves? It is easy to hug God and let God hold us in it's warm embrace. For God is your partner, your lover, your family members, your friends - the entire Universe. God is the plants, minerals, four directions, all that is seen and unseen.

I have been reminded today about God via affirmations from family and friends with whom I daily communicate. The messages I seek are presented to me daily. Snow flakes today and starfish and sand dollars in the summer on the Gulf of Mexico. God is you. God is me. We are all creator Gods/Goddesses. Rember your divinity. It exists in you and me rather than outside of our souls in man-made institutions.

In Love and Light, Namaste.

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