Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello, my peeps!

I am grateful today for the many friends and family in my sphere of existence. I love each one of them in very different ways. Some I have never met in person. It's amazing the connections we make in life.

For many years negativity has permeated my life. I manifest positivity now out of the gratitude I have for everything in my life, including all the challenges. Music helps me manifest. Meditation helps me manifest. Art helps me manifest. Gardening helps me manifest. In each of the activities I have mentioned I have immersed myself to the point of almost astral traveling. It's as if I am out of my body and nothing and no body else matters in my existence except God.

I won't cry for yesterday and I will not worry about tomorrow. Today is the day I have to live life to the fullest. My situation is temporary anywhere I am and I am moving forward to the goals I desire in my life. I need only remember that my soul looms large and that I offer a lot to our world simply by being my authentic self.

Of all the accomplishments in my life to date, the two most prominent are my Bachelor of Science degree and my Master of Arts degree. As an only child of one parent who graduated from high school and one who was pulled out of school in the 9th grade (not by their choice), I am proud of both of these accomplishments. My mother actually told me she was proud of me. I had never heard my mom tell me that she was proud of me.

My mother also made a comment about another gift I have after a recent hair salon visit. She said, "You can talk to anybody. If that would have been me in that chair I would not have said anything." You see, my father modeled to me the art of "gab." I possess the gift of being able to talk to anyone about pretty much anything. Some authority figures intimidate me, yet I am able to move past my feelings and converse intelligently with them.

These gifts of intelligence, compassion, speaking, artistic ability, and gardening are only few of the many people, places, or objects for which I am grateful. When I first sat down to write a gratitude inventory of 100 people, places, or objects for which I am grateful the task seemed daunting. I just completed another Gratitude Inventory and I can surpass 100.

So many aspects of living we take for granted. We know we need to possess or develop a deeper cognizance of all that is magnificent in our cosmos. Yet we fail to look to our own microcosm to see what we are graced with each and every day. Even in our deepest, darkest hours we need only look around our self and find one item for which our life simply would not be complete: earth, air, fire, water, trees, grass, soil, worms, birds, animals, whatever.

So practice gratitude and experience the abundance already present in your life. Thank your Higher Power in whatever form you embrace or not for all the gifts you have already received in your life and thank this power for the gifts that are yet to come.

I give you gifts of serenity, smiles, and laughter today. Namaste!

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