Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello, peeps!

Hoping that this fabulous winter January finds you all joy filled and feeling inspired. Life on Life's terms often involves curve balls aimed at our heads at high speeds. The goal is to let the air be knocked out of your stomache and then recalibrate your feelings. As we know, feelings aren't facts. Sometimes the curveballs leave you wondering, what reason lies behind the curveball having been thrown.

We often don't realize that the curveball is meant to force us to see the reality of a situation. Sometimes, if you're like me, we just don't want to listen. Listen. Become aware of the facts. Accept what you can, or are willing to do, within your scope of comprehension and needs. Then, as unnerving as it might seem, take action.

Awareness, acceptance, and action seem like simple concepts. Sometimes they are. Sometimes not. In the case of deciding to return to college, the decision can go either way. You possess an awareness and acceptance of the inherent difficulties, yet you act anyway and pursue the degree. Moving to a new city because the city you live in currently successfully lets you know no real opportunities for expanding your horizons is a different situation. The awareness that you need to relocate and the acceptance of the facts involve action you may not want to take. The action of moving to a new and unknown city or country may seem daunting. In some cases it is.

Listen to your heart and review your options. Sometimes plunging into an unknown situation has benefits you'd never have imagined. Sometimes it could be the worst decision you have ever made. Until you complete the action, you will never possess the awareness of the outcome. Whatever you decide lessons abound. Follow your heart...your mind and body will follow.

Love and Light. Namaste.

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