Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello all!

I hope this day finds you enjoying Life on Life's terms. If you've lost your is MORE JOY for you!

Today it was snowing light and fluffy flakes. While I listened to people around me lament on winter I felt a serenity envelop me. I had posted on my facebook account the following two realizations:

When you change your attitude, abundance wraps its angel wings around you :-)

Angel wings of abundance wrap themselves about me and bless me because of my changed attitude.

One of my intentions this year and forevermore with Life on Life's terms is to remain positive. I welcome light into my world that had been dominated by my refusal to welcome positivity.

Today I was looking out the kitchen window watching the big fluffy snowflakes. I felt like I was flying on the snowflakes dreaming yet awake. Abundance truly did wrap its angel wings around me as I let myself drift with the ice crystals. Such a freeing feeling, that we all too frequently refuse to aknowledge or embrace.

Take time today to enjoy the beauty of winter rather than lamenting its cold embrace. Winter is a time of deep reflection. A time to recalibrate our lives and imagine the fabulousity that waits for each of us if we only peer inside our souls and welcome it like a newborn baby.

Love and Light to you. Namaste!

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