Friday, January 21, 2011

ARGH! I just watched a news report about a man walking his dog who found a pit bull in a ditch, wrapped in blankets frozen to the ground and shaking. She was hogtied with electrical tape and her mouth was tightly bound with electrical tape as well. The...I cannot type the expletives that thrust themselves foremost in my mind...person...BEAT her with a blunt object as well. Insert expletives...multiple times here, please and thank you!

The beautiful pitbull, brindle, I believe she is, is named Tatiana - for Tatiana Ali...because "She is a fighter." If I could have a dog, I soooo would go get her.

I believe that a special reservation in Hell exists for those souls who abuse animals. I also remember that they are tortured souls and desperately need Light and Love in their lives as well as...foregiveness.

Foregiveness means that we pardon the soul for its wrongdoings. We remember the acts and we must foregive. Not enough foregiveness exists in this realm. Oh, sure! We KNOW all about foregiveness and hear it in religious dogma. Ask yourself now...who have I foregiven lately?

I have committed acts of wrongdoing as I am sure many souls have in the learning process of experiencing the human project. I have experienced foregiveness in many forms. I am blessed. Hopefully you are blessed to have experienced foregivness, too.

I suppose this goes back to thinking before we speak our piece or acting out of vengeance or ego when our inner child does not get what it thinks it wants from another person or situation. Ego, ego, ego...let go of the negative aspects of your ego and replace them with positive aspects. I am working diligently on this aspect of my soul. Let go and Let God because Life is on Life's terms.

Love and Light to you! Namaste.

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