Monday, January 17, 2011

Well...shoulda woulda coulda...doing it different includes me accepting that my Life conditions are always temporary and that change is constant. I am never satisfied with what I have at the moment. I always want what other people have or seem to have. I want their house, or their clothes, or a body like theirs. Neeeeedy is how I have been described by a therapist and a partner and they are right. Sad to say and knowing the roots of this neediness seems not to matter to my brain...I keep on immersing myself in my neediness. Whining and driving everyone around me crazy whether they tell me so or not.

We all have lessons to learn. Yes, I know. Apparently God whacks me upside the head with a 2 x 4 embedded with rusty nails when I don't listen to the message He's lovingly trying to send. I am the doubting Thomas...refusing to Let Go and Let God and just keep the Faith! I say I am working on me, but am I?

Writing has always been cathartic for me. So, with all this bloggity blog bloggin goin' on in our techie cosmos, I figured, well, the other peeps can write a blog, why not me? I may bore you, confuse you, piss you off, whatever. Don't read it :-)
Read it!

I teeter tottered back and forth on what to title this clever little internet space. It used to be named after my organic garden maintenance business...Venusia Gardens. Then I, maybe I would write about consulting after having taken a doctoral level course in Consultation. many ideas I have. Now how to incorporate them all to "Do It Different" and FINALLY make some friggin' money doing what I enjoy doing! If you ask me what I enjoy doing, you will recieve a litany of all my passions. I'm sure future posts will enlighten you, my valued reader :-)

I wish you much Love, Light, and JOY!


  1. V, as I read your post I was thinking, "She's so hard on herself!" If you doubt that you are working on you, DON'T. I have rarely met someone who is so disarmingly self-aware as you ..... on the other end of the spectrum are those boring folks who just sail through life never questioning the meaning or their place in it. You surely are not one of those, and I look forward to following your blog! :)

  2. Thank you, Shay :-)I have never really discovered why I am so hard on myself. The only reason I can think of for this behavior is experiencing living as an adult child of an adult child of a raging alcoholic.

    I am happy to have you follow my blog. It originally started out as a gardening blog. LOL