Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello, my peeps!

Sending you Light, Love, and Joy.

I love purchasing items at thrift stores and yard sales. Choosing items to bring home from the curbside of others also provides me satisfaction at the possibilities these items hold for renewal. I have rescued old dressers, used a heat gun to melt the layers upon layers of nasty paint concealing their original beauty, and then sanded them to their glorious wood. I love wood, the beauty, the feel, the smell. The satisfaction, however, comes from recycling such pieces and transforming them to use for my purposes and enjoyment.

Much the same way as rescuing items from curbsides, or purchasing used items from thrift stores, yard sales, or garage sales, we can rescue ourselves from our negative thought tapes. These tapes play relentlessly in our minds until we remember that we are the ones mentally torturing ourselves. It matters not what someone else told us that affected us negatively. We are Creator Gods and Goddesses and we possess the power to change our lives. I believe we all come into each other's lives at the appropriate times in our lives for reasons, seasons, or lifetimes.

Rescuing myself from these negative tapes and throwing them out the window of my soul to be transmuted into a positive energy form matters most to me now. I am the mother of myself and all that I seek to eliminate needs replacing with positive aspects.

While engaging in a meditation about a golden mirror this morning, I, for the first time in all my meditations, experienced the feeling of serenity washing over me. Such a smile opportunity I granted myself. I felt my body soften and a smile wash across my face. Sigh...serenity lies not externally to our souls - it lies within if we only consistently - daily - work a program of "recovery."

This program of recovery continually takes me on a magnificent journy of self-discovery. More and more light-filled I feel as lessons I have learned allow the miracle of abundance to unfold. I let go of preconceived notions of how transformation should occur. Letting go, moving the heck outta my ego, allows God and the Universe to create the transformation in a far greater manner. I need only diligently practice welcoming serenity in moments of darkness.

When encountering difficult situations I used to become extremely aggitated very quickly. Now, I inhale deeply, quiet my mind, and hum, put on headphones and crank the jams, or simply leave the venue of discord.

Smile and go in peace!

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